Network Centric Warfare Architecture on a SatCom backbone – Advantech Wireless Technologies article in the latest issue of MilsatMagazine

Network Centric Warfare Architecture on a SATCOM Backbone
by Cristi Damian, VP Business Development. Advantech Wireless Technologies.

Observing the corporate domain’s moves toward network-centric operations and processes by incorporating the latest available technologies, military strategists realized that the speed and efficiencies that resulted could be also be applied to the military machine. Despite the challenges of driving new technologies into traditional battlefield architectures, the move from massive divisions to highly connected brigade and battalion-level formations is finally coming into play.

The key benefit of NCW is that it provides the foundation for self-synchronization at the combat-unit level. By incorporating the inherent sophistication of today’s information technology, some nations are transforming their Armies into networked organizations as a means to maintain situational awareness on the battlefield –— to increase combat power by enabling collaboration among highly dispersed forces.

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