Mobile Viewpoint’s new WMT AGILE HDR Technology Delivers HEVC Video Encoding with Intel Media Technologies

Mobile Viewpoint announces that its new bonding transmitter delivers HEVC (H.265) HDR video running on the latest 6th generation Intel® processors and through using Intel® Media Server Studio Professional Edition to optimize HEVC compression and quality. Intel’s graphics-accelerated codec enabled Mobile Viewpoint to develop a hardware platform that combines low power hardware-accelerated encoding and transmission of broadcast-quality video. The new HEVC enabled software will be used in the Wireless Multiplex Terminal (WMT) AGILE high-dynamic range (HDR) back of the camera solutions and in its 19-inch FLEX IO encoding and O2 decoding products.

 Mobile Viewpoint’s dedicated IP encoding and decoding appliances use Intel® Quick Sync Video technology to deliver HDR H.265 encoded video using its award-winning bonding technology, which was launched earlier this year. Working with Intel’s Media Server Studio tech experts allowed Mobile Viewpoint to test and develop new encoding appliances at an early stage, so that it could innovate higher resolution and quality video encoding, which runs best on Intel® processors to help meet the high quality demands of the broadcast industry.

 After optimizing with Media Server Studio, Mobile Viewpoint saw a power savings of more than 50% and quality improvements of between 25% -40%. For the mobile solutions especially, this is a huge benefit because it saves on mobile data and dramatically extends battery life.

 Mobile Viewpoint’s IP technology enables broadcasters to go live from almost every corner of the world within seconds – using less bandwidth. The deployment of IP transmission solutions by major broadcasters has already shown that this technology is now widely accepted as the major tool for cost-effective and fast news gathering.