Mobile Viewpoint improves video over IP workflow: introduces the HLE-1 web encoder

Mobile Viewpoint, the European leader in video transmission over public IP networks, is proud to add an HLS web encoder to its product portfolio. It is available today at half the cost of competing products and will be on show at the Mobile Viewpoint NAB 2014 booth. 

These days, multiscreen delivery solutions are in high demand. Broadcasters not only need to deliver HD SDI video, they also need to deliver the same or different video to web enabled devices. That is exactly what the new Mobile Viewpoint HLE-1 encoder allows them to do at a lower cost and with more flexibility than existing solutions.

 Michel Bais, CEO of Mobile Viewpoint: 

“Our new web encoder uses the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) standard. It outputs streaming video compatible with any device, mobile or desktop. Firewalls do not block it and HLS allows for multi bitrate video, so it adapts to all screen sizes and bandwidths. Also consider the integration with all our other products via WMT Videomanager and we believe we have the most flexible solution out there.”

 The Mobile Viewpoint HLE-1 encoder accepts both HD SDI video, as well as RTSP IP streams coming from Mobile Viewpoint WMT encoders. It transcodes them to HLS web streams, which can be distributed by Content Delivery Networks, already in use by customers. On top of this, the Mobile Viewpoint HLE-1 encoder integrates fully with the drag ‘n drop WMT Videomanager, giving users full flexibility in choosing which encoder gets sent to the HLE-1 encoder and HD SDI Playout devices.

 On Mobile Viewpoint

 Mobile Viewpoint is a global player, focusing on the development and implementation of solutions for both the security and broadcast industries. Based on their H.264, H.265 and VP-9 codec implementations, combined with patented technology allowing for HD video to be transmitted over bonded IP connections, Mobile Viewpoint has developed the most versatile product portfolio. Products range from smartphone apps (iPhone & Android), backpack encoders and rack-mount solutions, all working together on the unified WMT Videomanager and Content Exchange platforms.

 Customers include major broadcasters, such as BBC, Al-Arabiya, Sky Sports, NBC Sports, and over 120 other global customers. a

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