MEGA RF Solutions

Mega RF Solutions is excited to showcase our emerging technology centered around Power Combining.  The Mega Gysel Combiner can take up to 16 Inputs and create a high power signal with high isolation (>40dB) and low insertion loss.  The key feature of the Mega Gysel Combiner is its extremely fault-tolerant operation which makes it ideal for combining Solid State RF sources.  The Mega Gysel Combiner provides isolation without the use of lossy ferrite circulators, can operate with one or more inputs disabled, and is conveniently packaged in a neat, ready-to-mount rack module.

Mega is attending EuMW 2018 in Madrid this year and will be located in Stand 331.

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TRYO SENER Group took a 20% stake in the capital of the American company MEGA industries in 2014. Mega manufactures Semi Flexible Waveguide and Coax, Directional Couplers, Phase Shifters, Variable Power Dividers, Switches, RF Loads and more to help create full system solutions.