Meet with ETL SYSTEMS at NAB 2017

Visit us at NAB at Stand SU7823 and see both of our new customisable RF matrices – the 64×64 Hurricane matrix router and the 128×128 Harrier matrix router.

The Hurricane router is the most compact matrix in the market with integrated LNB powering options for up to 64 LNBs. The compact 4U design eliminates the need for additional chassis for fibre receiver modules and/or LNB powering as it can all be integrated within the matrix.

The unique design allows the Hurricane router to be customized with input modules that match individual RF signal requirements. Each input can be tailored with different features including fibre connector inputs, variable gain and variable slope compensation to balance signal levels.

The 128×128 Harrier 10U router provides the same benefits as the 64×64 Hurricane, including customisable individual input and output modules to suit specific RF needs for each satellite feed.  Another benefit of both the Harrier and Hurricane routers is in the unlikely event of a failure there is minimal downtime, as all active components can be hot swapped without the need to re-boot the matrix. Power savings is another key feature of the Harrier and Hurricane matrix as only active signal routes are powered.

Other products on display include StingRay RF over Fibre options, Alto variable gain redundancy amplifiers and a range of RF components.

We will be pleased to meet with you at NAB to show you our RF products and discuss any projects that we can help you with – please request a meeting.