KTVN (CBS TV affiliate) deployed Actus Digital for broadcast monitoring and Acquisition

Actus Digital announced today that KTVN, CBS – affiliated television station for Northern Nevada has deployed Actus Digital media monitoring platform for TV monitoring and logging of KTVN channels. Actus platform provides KTVN a solution to comply with FCC regulations as well as tools to support the marketing, quality assurance and content re-purposing.

“The Actus TV monitoring platform provides us a full solution for our compliance monitoring requirements,” said Brent Richard, Operations Manager at KTVN. “The Actus logging system includes easy tools to review live and recorded programs for compliance with audio loudness and closed captioning. The Actus system has easy content searching, clip creation engine for the creation and export of clips and also assures that we are delivering a high quality broadcast to our viewers. We found a robust solution, which is very easy to use… and at a cost effective price.”

Brent Richards also stated that they purchased the Actus Digital monitoring platform system through JAF International, in Fremont, CA. JAF custom built the server for the Actus monitoring platform software and that they “provisioned the server hardware to include 90 days of 24/7 recording and logging, so it’s easy to review any broadcast material within the last three months…with this high end hardware.”

“We are very happy that KTVN has selected Actus broadcast monitoring system and joined hundreds of customers that are already using Actus media monitoring system,” said Raphael Renous, Actus Digital CTO.“ Actus continues to develop the broadcast monitoring platform to include additional solutions and to make sure we will comply with the growing and future requirements of the industry, all by providing a high end solution at the best price.