Introducing C-COM iNetVu® Ka-band Antennas Authorized for use on ViaSat Exede® Enterprise

As NBN Co. prepares for the commercial launch of satellite service in Australia, local SATCOM interests and integrators should be made aware of their hardware options. With ViaSat having completed the ground solution, the choice for existing, proven and approved mobile, on-the–pause, auto-pointing antenna solutions is clear.

 C-COM Satellite Systems is the world’s leader in the commercial design and manufacture of auto-pointing mobile antenna systems. C-COM began the partnership with ViaSat earlier this decade and was the first mobile antenna manufacturer to receive approvals on ViaSat-1 Exede for the iNetVu® Driveaway and Flyaway solutions for use in North America. As well, C-COM has received numerous type approvals from Eutelsat (using ViaSat hardware) for the deployment of iNetVu® products over KA-SAT (Tooway) in Europe, North Africa and other services in the Middle East.

  Hundreds of iNetVu® Ka-75V Vehicle-Mounted antenna and FLY-75V Transportable Flyaway antenna systems have since been sold to customers in the SNG, Oil & Gas, Military, Emergency Response, Government and Mobile Banking markets in both the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

 ViaSat and C-COM are also jointly developing a Ka-band SOTM (Satcom-on-the-Move) solution for land mobile, which will be displayed at this year’s Satellite 2016 and NAB shows.

Our antennas will be Plug & Play in Australia much the same way they are in North America, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. We look forward to working with you Down Under on your Ka-band mobile projects.