International Datacasting Launches Ultra-HD Cinema Receiver – IBC 2014

Ottawa, ON, September 10, 2014 – International Datacasting Corporation (TSX: IDC), a technology provider for the world’s premiere broadcasters, is pleased to announce the “Wings to 4K” initiative with Eutelsat, Red Bull Media House and ATEME to receive live events in UltraHD via satellite on the IDC (1.C29) and Eutelsat (1.D59) stands at the IBC2014 show.

 Spectacular live and pre-recorded events will be broadcast from the one-of-a-kind Red Bull Media House Hangar-7 studio in Salzburg, Austria. Live acts will feature Red Bull athletes, performance artists, and musicians framed with the famous collection of Flying Bulls aircraft, Formula 1 race cars and motorsports machinery of all kinds. In order to ensure the most immersive experience, the events will be captured in Ultra HD at 50 frames per second, and IDC has supplied the Pro Cinema 4K Decoder with support for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) at the receive locations.

 Andreas Gall, CTO of Red Bull Media House, said, “This partnership allows us to show the capabilities of cutting-edge media technology. We look forward to getting our first hands-on experience with live production and distribution of 4k content, and we are proud to continue our course as an innovative media enterprise.”

 As the world’s premier supplier of professional equipment for live events broadcast to the cinema, IDC has developed the Pro Cinema 4K Decoder to support the upcoming transition to 4K and HEVC. The new decoder is now available for sale, and demonstrates IDC’s ongoing commitment to ensure the best possible experiences are available for cinema audiences. The unique events brought to life by Red Bull Media House and delivered by Eutelsat and IDC will truly give Wings to 4K at IBC2014.

 The Pro Cinema 4K Decoder supports decoding of 4K UltraHD video streams compressed using HEVC at up to 60 frames per second. The use of HEVC video compression is the only way to enable cost-effective delivery of 4K live events to cinemas. The Pro Cinema 4K Decoder is designed to be easily integrated with IDC’s widely deployed Pro Cinema Cache Servers and SFX Pro Video receivers. This enables customers to easily add 4K HEVC capability to an existing IDC digital cinema installation (currently supporting more than 5,000 cinema deployments worldwide).

 “The launch of the Pro Cinema 4K Decoder continues IDC’s commitment to leadership in Digital Cinema, as well as our desire to bring the highest quality and most immersive experiences to theatre audiences everywhere“, said Doug Lowther, IDC President & CEO.