IDC partners with Sony & Vue Entertainment -delivers world first live 4K streamings of FIFA World Cup(TM) matches to cinemas

In a world first, Sony and Vue Cinemas will be working with technical partners  IDC, Eutelsat and DSAT Cinema to deliver a FIFA World Cup™ quarter final match and the final in captivating 4K Ultra High Definition on 4th and 13th July, at Vue’s state-of-the-art multiplex at Westfield, London.

 The first ever 4K FIFA World Cup™ brings an entirely new viewing experience to the world of football and this screening is set to bring the action on the pitch to life like never before. The two matches will be streamed live via satellite from the iconic Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho (Maracana) stadium direct to the cinema, and are set to be the most visually spectacular live sports broadcasts to date.

 IDC will be providing the 4K UHD HEVC video decoder and professional satellite receiver that will be installed in the cinema, receiving the 4K satellite feed and delivering the video and audio signal to the Sony theatre projector and audio system respectively. Eutelsat will receive the signal from Brazil at its teleport near Paris, re-encode it in Ultra HD HEVC at 60 fps and retransmit it to the EUTELSAT 5 West A satellite for direct distribution to the cinema.

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