IBC 2018: 2wcom launches smart state-of-the-art solutions

We are pleased to present our new products offering a wide range of features and opportunities to ease the broadcaster’s increasing daily cross-media tasks as well as our well known and high quality devices for AoIP, MPXoIP, SAT, FM/RDS and DAB+ […]. Take your chance of a personal presentation and visite us at our booth 8.E78 during IBC 2018 in Amsterdam.

2wcom’s hybrid one-stop-solution for Audio over IP networks

The upcoming state of the art product line is based on the know-how of MM01 and MM08E and customer requirements. All solutions are designed for studio to studio as well as studio to transmitter links and even for the increasingly whitespread cross-media working method.

The MM04C codec (4 channels)  and the MoIN Server (up to 512 channels) offer high compatibility to all interfaces and support a wide range of protocols for streaming, control and status (e.g. EBU TECH 3326, AES67, Ravenna, Livewire+, Dante, SMTE ST 2110, PTPv2, RTSP, SAP, SIP, Discovery, Bonjour, SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS or Ember+ and more). Furthermore, the exchange of additional information like GPIO and ancillary data between the audio networks is possible. The Reliable User Datagram Protocol (RUDP) ensures packed delivery in a guaranteed order with low overhead and a high quality of service. Another advantage of both products is the wide range of possible algorithms (all MPEG layers, all AAC profiles e.g. extended HE xHE, OPUS, OGG Vorbis, Enhanced aptX, E-AC3, AC3 or PCM and many more). In addition, audio streams can be combined to multichannel streams.

To simplify day-to-day operation all features and applications are very cost-efficient modularly configurable, conveniently integrable into existing systems (even third party applications) and the Easy2connect feature allows operators as well as reporters in the field an uncomplicated connection establishment (SIP phonebook). Finally, this is rounded out by a web-interface for remote management, configuration and control of the whole codec fleet.

In comparison to the MM04C 19’’ 1HU rack hardware, the MoIN server can also be run as a software service and adds some sophisticated special functions like audio routing, managing, leveling, loudness, monitoring and mixing between different protocols and environments. The server can replace audio mixer devices and can handle all audio signals (even based on different clocks). It is also possible to route or mix different audio channels between different networks in a synchronized manner.

Like the Moin Server, the MM04C has its own unique features and offers, for example a component to act as a FM rebroadcast receiver.

4FM is the new modular and most versatile solution for FM and AoIP applications

2wcoms full featured, comprehensive FM/RDS and analog/digital MPX over IP product line is undergoing a monumental change. All existing established products like C02 RDS encoder, S02 stereo generator or the analog/digital MPX over IP codec will be replaced by the new state-of-the-art 4FM. This new one-stop-solution offer technicians and decision makers a modular, cost-efficient and scalable concept in just one 19’’ 1HU rack unit.

Very comfortably, the activation of all components is purely software based. In conclusion, this means technicians are able to configure a device fitting absolutely to their needs on-site, saving costs and rack space. For example, it is possible to combine a RDS2 encoder, a stereo generator and an analog/digital MPX over IP codec in one device. In case the RDS encoder and the stereo generator are not needed, you can simply select the MPX over IP codec component. Furthermore, future upgrades can be done easily by software activation without any changes to the hardware necessary.

In comparison to the well-known former solutions of 2wcom, the 4FM provides a variety of sophisticated new features like the following: The device is equipped with inputs for analog/digital MPX, analog audio, AES/EBU and Audio over IP. As a result, the stereo generator now also supports protocols for Audio over IP streaming, control and status (e.g. EBU TECH 3326, AES67, Ravenna, Livewire+, Dante, SMTE ST 2110, PTPv2, SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP or FTPS ).  In addition, it is possible to add local RDS data to a MPX signal, that was already assembled in a main studio. The integrated FM tuner provides the opportunity of monitoring audio and RDS signals and in addition even rebroadcasting is possible. Furthermore, the device offers also the option to forward both the MPX signal and the pilot via IP.