ETL Vulcan Matrix selected yet again by US Government Project

Having provided this US Government customer with an initial 128 x 128 Vulcan L-band matrix in 2014, their new project required 2 additional 128 x 128 L-band matrix systems. This was a highly competitive bid and the Vulcan was selected again based upon the its compact design, RF performance attributes and the successful implementation of the initial Vulcan system at the end-user’s facility.

 A Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) visit at our UK facilities in Hereford, as well as lengthy training for the end user was also ordered. This will ensure the customer understands the equipment is fully functional and operational, giving them hands-on experience with the product as well as troubleshooting strategies.


The Vulcan Router can route up to 128 inputs x 128 outputs in a single 16U chassis. The resilient design of Vulcan provides redundancy of some critical components and hot-swap of active parts.


It features monitoring alarms and ports that give the user the ability to be warned if any levels drop below pre-determined thresholds.

 Performance & expandability

At system level the Vulcan offers excellent RF performance and benefits from reduced power consumption and hot in-service expansion.

The compact configuration offers a cost effective solution for larger RF routing systems.

 The Vulcan can be used with splitters and combiners to configure larger systems such as 128 x 256 in a 45U rack and 128 x 512 two racks (as shown below). The reduced number of modules allow for easy installation and maintenance.