ETL Systems provides carrier monitoring switches to SatSignature

ETL Systems has provided online global enterprise satellite monitoring service SatSignature with carrier monitoring switches.

 SatSignature combines state-of-the art software and hardware to allow users access to real-time satellite spectrums, enabling them to get live feeds of any satellite at any time over the web. It will be utilising ETL’s 32×1 IF/L-band LS series monitoring switch to continuously monitor satellite RF feeds located in various parts of the world for verification, qualification, and carrier monitoring purposes.

 “At SatSignature, our aim is to provide a simplified satellite monitoring system that engineers and executives will trust and have confidence in,” said Kevin O’Neil – Co-Founder of SatSignature. “In order to do this, we need a reliable and high-quality monitoring solution and ETL’s monitoring switch has met and exceeded our specifications.”

 ETL’s LS series monitoring switch features improved performance for carrier monitoring with fast switching time and excellent RF performance for return loss and isolation. Resilience is provided by dual redundant power supplies and the unit can be monitored and controlled remotely via a web browser interface or locally via the front panel.

“With monitoring being such a critical aspect of SatSignature’s service, it is essential for reliable and appropriate equipment to be in place,” said Andrew Bond, Sales Director at ETL Systems. “We are delighted that our monitoring switches have been selected to help provide this valuable service to SatSignature’s customers.”

 ETL’s LS series monitoring switch range offers 8×1, 16×1 and 32×1 switching options and is suitable for Ka-band applications.