ETL Systems Launches Waveguide Components


ETL Systems has launched a range of precision made waveguide components for RF and microwave systems.

ETL’s waveguide components ensure low signal loss and high power handling, vital for the transmission end of uplinks and downlinks. Made with high precision, the components are available as flex, twist, bend, adaptors, couplers, pressure windows, and straights. This means they can be made to guide waves around any potential obstacle.

In RX downlink chains, ETL’s waveguide components can be used as the transmission medium from output of LNB / LNA. In TX uplink chains, the components can be used for outputs of the Block Upconverter or High Power Amplifier, or both.

Dominic Overton, RF Components Consultant, ETL Systems, commented: “The latest addition of waveguide products to the ETL product range enables us to offer a more complete end to end solution and for many of our customers that are challenged with tight RF budgets, we can ensure that high quality, low loss signals are maintained through each ETL device across the RF chain from the antenna right the way through to the receivers / modems.

Made to the highest quality standards, they use international flange styles and finishes according to requirements. The waveguide components are available in aluminium, brass, or copper, with aluminium or brass flanges, covering frequency ranges up to 50GHz and WR-650 to WR-22.

The addition of waveguide to ETL’s RF chain solutions builds on an existing class leading range of RF distribution equipment.