ETL – NEW 80 dB Gain, 2+1 Redundant Alto Amplifier

Designed for use as an L-band LNA and to provide amplification small signals and long cable runs, Model ALT-25104 provides high variable gain from 30 dB to 80 dB, adjustable in 1 dB steps.

Signal flow reliability is provided from 2+1 amplifier redundancy with automatic switching of the input to the main or standby output based on amplifier current monitoring. The new Alto line amplifier offers capacity for 3 active signal paths, as the main & stand-by signal paths have separate input & output ports (3 inputs and 3 outputs).

Redundancy System Diagram



Each input signal can be optimised as the amplifier can be operated in 2 modes:

  • Amplifier Tracking ON – Amplifier gain and slope control is common to all modules in the chassis.
  • Amplifier Tracking OFF – Each amplifier can be independently set by operator selected slope and gain setting.

Resilience is provided from dual redundant, hot-swap power supplies with local control and monitoring