ETL Launches New 4th Generation Enigma RF Switch Matrices

ETL Systems, a global designer and manufacturer of RF equipment for satellite communications, has launched six new models of its popular Enigma RF Switch Matrix for routing L-band signals.

The Enigma L-band RF Matrix will be available for demonstration at a number of international trade shows in 2019, including NAB ShowSatellite Show & CommunicAsia.


Of these 6 models, 3 are distributive for RX feeds and 3 are combining for TX feeds. The Enigma RF Matrix range provides signal distribution for up to 32 input and output feeds for downlinking and uplinking signal management and is ETL’s most popular switch matrix. It can be used across a number of applications including satellite communications, broadcasting, military and government communication systems.

The 4th generation RF matrix features several enhancements, including better linearityimproved noise figurefrequency response, and isolation. The Enigma 100 also benefits from dual redundant CPUs and PSUs and the ability to hot swap both those and the single RF cards in case of failure.

An upgraded touch screen local control panel with enhanced control and monitoring functionality makes it easy for operators to continually monitor the matrix. The matrices can be expanded or used to expand existing systems by adding additional matrix modules and system splitters or combiners. Power savings are achieved thanks to unused routes on the splitter card remaining unpowered.

The new distributive and combining Enigma RF Matrices are available in the following operating frequency ranges:


“Our customers strive for better resilience from their satellite networks to ensure constant connectivity. The latest Enigma design offer improved performance, while also making it easier than ever to control the RF signal distribution. That coupled with the enhanced resilience will help our customers stay connected.”

Andrew Bond, Sales & Marketing Director, ETL Systems