Entercom Makes Guest Interviews Simple With Opal

Entercom Radio Bay Area is a collection of Entercom-owned radio stations, including 95.7 The Game, a San Francisco based sports talk station. Guest interviews are a major part of programming for 95.7. Producers and hosts are always looking for easier ways to coordinate and pull off these interviews.

When Comrex Opal was released, Raul Velez (Director of Engineering and Technical Operations for Entercom Radio Bay Area) was intrigued. “I’ve been using Comrex products for 30 years, and so I’ve been able to see the growth over time,” said Raul. “Comrex has really adapted to today’s technology.”

Opal makes it possible to do long interview segments in HD voice quality with consumer grade equipment. Guests can connect to their interviewer instantly by clicking a link – they don’t need to install apps or fiddle with settings.

“I was interested in Opal because of the chance of better sonics, higher fidelity, and also ease of use for our guest who more than likely isn’t technical,” said Raul. “All they have to do is open the web page, hit the button to connect, and they’re on the air.”

Opal’s audio quality was also very appealing. “I really don’t like cell phone audio on the air,” said Raul. “The quality is hit or miss depending on the carrier, what phone they’re using, or whether they’re using a headset.”

But Opal has provided the simple interview solution that 95.7 The Game was looking for. “We’ve found that it’s very straightforward, very easy to use, and the upside is it sounds much much better.”