ETL – Enhanced reliability signal routing with NEW Victor L-band Matrix

The Victor Matrix is a compact 1U distributive (fan-out) IF/Extended L-band switch matrix / router, with up to 16 inputs x 16 outputs. This matrix is used to connect satellite dish feeds to IRDs and allow routing of signals. Its compact form factor makes it ideal for TVRO, smaller teleports and satellite ground stations, oil and gas applications, RF distribution in cruise liners or luxury yachts, SNG and outside broadcast trucks. Dual redundant power supplies provide peace of mind, with monitoring of the amplifier and power supply status via the front panel or remotely with a web browser interface. Additional LNB powering shelves are not required as the Victor matrix provides 0/13/18V LNB powering and 22kHz tone to each input feed. Optimum signal quality is also ensured with variable gain to balance input signals with input RF signal monitoring.

Model VTR-80 upgrade features:

  • ENHANCED RELIABILITY: From hot swap fan trays, for improved user serviceability and MTTR, with the option to purchase a VTR-80 spares kit.
    • SOFTWARE ENABLED EXPANSION: Providing the flexibility of being able to purchase a part populated Victor (starting from 4 inputs x 4 outputs) and then expanding the inputs and outputs (up to 16 inputs x 16 outputs) via a software key.
    Other firmware enhancements include the ability to lock outputs to prevent accidental changes.
    • KA-BAND READY: The VTR-80 operates over 50-2500 MHz.
    • New 1U x 650mm 19″ chassis.

Model VTR-80 supersedes previous Model VTR-10.