EBU retains NTT video Encoders for its migration to AVC/H.264

HVE9100S will be the primary encoder for coming major events including the London Olympics

NTT Electronics (Yokohama, Japan) – is pleased to announce that the European Broadcasting Union
(EBU) has retained HVE9100S video encoder for the migration to AVC/H.264 of their video contribution
HVE9100S is a multi-formats AVC/H.264 & MPEG-2 HD/SD contribution encoder, using state-of-the-art
core ASIC designed in-house by NTT Electronics. Our unique technology provides unrivaled encoding
performance in latency and always keeping the video quality at its highest level.
More than two hundred NTT encoders are already in operation on the EBU Network, and the new
deployment will allow the EBU a major migration to AVC/H.264 for the 2012 sport events like the London
Olympics, helping the organization to maintain its competitive edge in a commercial market.
“Following extensive testing we have selected the HVE9100S as the primary encoder for the coming
major events including the London Olympics,” said Paolo Pusterla, Head of Strategy and Business
Development and Procurement at EBU Network & News.
Graham Warren, EBU Director of Network and News also added, “We believe the most essential factor
for the EBU and its Members in terms of operation is the reliability and stability. The quality of
HVE9100S has been already proved in the past coverage of big events such as the Vancouver Olympics
and the 2010 FIFA World Cup.”
“We have worked together with the EBU starting from 2008 Beijing Olympics and ever since then, we
have been able to deliver the cutting edge technologies to global viewers,” said Hisashi Kasahara,
Managing Director and Head of Digital Video Equipment Department at NTT Electronics. “We will
continue to lead the market with our never ending improvement policy to satisfy broadcasters and viewers
demands in HD quality.”