Duluth, GA — October 15, 2018 — DataPath, Inc., a leading provider of advanced and secure communications solutions, announced today the immediate availability of its latest release of The MaxView® Monitor and Control software with enhanced Service Management Capabilities.

DataPath’s MaxView Network Management System (NMS) is a powerful solution that enables operators to see the state of their entire network, control multi-vendor devices, automate complex service tasks, and unify disparate systems into one common operating view.

New features in MaxView include the ability to alert operators to equipment faults and allow them to see what services are affected by the fault such as video streams or customer programming. By understanding the service affected and the priority of that service based upon established Service Level Agreements (SLAs), operators can focus on recovering the high priority failed services before addressing the lower priority services and navigate directly to the Service Page of interest from the MaxView Alarm Page to aid in recovery.

In addition, the new release allows users to view a second Service Summary Indicator for any alarm on the equipment in a circuit, which would indicate an “at risk” service that continues to run but has failures which place it in jeopardy. This new feature allows operators to address minor problems with a service before they become service affecting.

To assist in managing alarms, a new Alarm Filter Panel capability has been added to MaxView that enables users to quickly apply filters to the Alarm Window from a single panel. The Filter Panel also allows the user to save the filters they have built so they can recall them quickly in the future. This greatly simplifies the management of a large number of system wide alarms.

MaxView Service Management is controlled via the MaxView Web GUI, which is provided with an unlimited user license when purchased with the MaxView NMS Software. The MaxView GUI is accessible from any device – Laptop, Desktop, iPad, or Smart Phone that has a web browser and allows users to view their screens in almost any language.