Cut Through Networking Snags with Switchboard

Every day more and more Comrex users are registering for Switchboard. It’s one of our favorite tools, and we’re glad our customers are putting it to good use.

“Wait a second,” you may be thinking. “What even is Switchboard? I’ve never heard of it! What am I missing?”

Put simply, Switchboard is a tool that allows users to bypass common IP networking snags (like private LANs and firewalls) by routing data through a private server maintained by Comrex. Switchboard makes it easier to log on to unfamiliar Wi-Fi networks, like those you might encounter in hotels, schools, and wherever else you might do a remote.

The best part? Switchboard is free for ACCESS and LiveShot users, and available to purchase for BRIC-Link users.


Worry less on remote day

Without getting bogged down in too much technical detail: Switchboard is designed to allow your Comrex gear to connect without having to have an IT guy onsite everywhere you go.

Here’s what you can do with Switchboard:

  • Your Comrex codec can sync with a cloud-based server and deliver status information
  • Your Comrex codec can determine public IP address and the type of any NAT-style router ahead of the codec, and display that information to the user
  • Your Comrex codec can display presence, status, NAT info and IP addresses of other codecs within the same fleet, and share this information with codecs outside the fleet
  • Your Comrex codec can take instruction from the server on how best to traverse NATs when placing a call between two codecs

What does all this mean? When it’s time to connect on an unfamiliar IP network, you can skip the hassle of figuring out how to pass firewalls and other IT barriers and go directly through our private server to connect smoothly and easily. This makes last-minute remotes simpler and lets you relax (as much as you can on a remote day!).