Comtech Xicom Introduces SuperPower TWT Amplifiers

See how you can double your capacity by visiting NAB booth SU5921 or OE1304.

Comtech Xicom Technology’s new SuperPower TWTAs are game-changing when it comes to high capacity Ku-band and DBS-band SATCOM uplinks. This new technology enables operators to:

• Reduce capital expense with fewer HPAs required, reduction in combining and complexity and replacement/elimination of old Klystron amplifiers

• Reduce operations expense with drastically higher efficiency and lower thermal dissipation, reduced need for maintenance and longer TWTA life

• Enhances operations planning with self-reported life expectancy from TWTAs based on monitor signals

Meet with the SuperPower team at NAB to learn more! Comtech Xicom will also be showing our other Green Power products including TWTAs and SSPAs in X, Ku and Ka-band. Xicom offers a wide range of amplifiers to meet your needs and has the engineering capability to develop custom solutions for your systems.

See you in Las Vegas!