Comrex – Working from home

For decades, Comrex has been designing equipment to allow broadcasters of all kinds to deliver live content from anywhere. From IP audio codecs to guest interview solutions – this is what we do.

With the current situation regarding COVID-19, more and more broadcasters need to work remotely and broadcast reliably. We have a variety of solutions that can help you get the job done effectively. We’ve compiled information on all those solutions in one place, so you can figure out what you need.

For live audio broadcasts
For guest interviews
For visual radio
For last minute drop-ins

For live audio broadcasts


ACCESS NX is our most versatile IP audio codec. It’s designed to deliver high quality audio on marginal networks, so you can make the most of your home Wi-Fi. ACCESS NX is extremely portable – if you need to broadcast from your closet so no one can hear your neighbor’s dog, it can go with you. Plus, it has an intuitive user interface, and it’s easy to use, so you can connect with the touch of a button (even if you don’t have an engineering background).

“The audio quality from the ACCESS is never compromised, even when the link is less than stellar. When bandwidth is very low, the ACCESS will increase buffer while maintaining the audio transparency.”

– Bryan Hubert, engineer for KCMS
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BRIC-Link II has been the codec of choice for home studios for years. It’s designed to be low-maintenance and highly reliable – once it’s installed, our customers find, “it just works”. Perfect for point-to-point connections, BRIC-Link II is a low-cost, high-performance solution for audio-to-IP conversion. It’s simple to use, and can perform over a wide range of networks.

For those who are new to IP audio codecs in home studios, we put together a guide to provide more information on how to get the most out of an IP codec. Click here to download it.

“Our clients have no technical background, and often have no engineering assistance available. We needed to engineer a plug-and- play solution that they could set up themselves, with little intervention and limited possibility for error. BRIC-Link is simple and reliable enough to form the basis of our remote kit.”

– E.C. HamiltonImpact Partnership
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For guest interviews


Opal allows your guests to connect to you with the click of a button. They don’t need to install any software, or have any special equipment. Opal will generate a link for them, which they’ll open in a regular web browser; once they click “Connect”, you’re live. It’s simple and perfect for non-technical users – plus, you’ll get high-fidelity, low delay audio that sounds much better than a cellphone.

“We do a lot of interviews with authors and artists, and we hope to use Opal for those. All they have to do is click a link to get connected. Even if they use it on their smartphone, it’s going to be a much better connection than a standard telephone connection.”

– Joe Emert, Life Radio Ministries
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For visual radio


For visual radio programming, LiveShot delivers high-quality video and audio over a standard internet connection. LiveShot can enable you to continue video streaming your show outside of the studio.

“When we began video streaming the show, we purchased a Comrex LiveShot. I’ve now used it to broadcast the show from Denmark, Iceland, all over the United States — not to mention from my home studio.”

– Thom Hartmann, The Thom Hartmann Program
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For last minute drop-ins


For users who don’t have access to an IP audio codec, and need to get connected quickly – FieldTap is a free smartphone app that enables you to call into any Comrex IP audio codec. It’s available to download for iOS and Android.

“FieldTap isn’t a replacement for a codec, but for emergencies or short remotes when you need to cut back on equipment, it works well.”

– John Paul, The Car Doctor Radio Show
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