Comrex Releases Firmware Version 1.1 For Opal

New firmware eliminates extra steps for iPhone users

DEVENS, MASSACHUSETTS, Feb. 7th, 2018 — Comrex has released a new firmware version for Opal, their IP audio gateway. Opal firmware 1.1 includes native Safari support for macOS and iOS11.

The home page for Comrex Opal, an IP audio gateway for simple guest calls, displayed on an iPhone

Once installed, Opal serves a web page to anyone who accesses it through an Internet browser on any device with a microphone in high fidelity. High quality return audio is also provided to the guest. This web page allows a user to click a button and broadcast from their computer or phone.

Prior to the release of Opal 1.1, Opal was only compatible with Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Firefox browsers. Now, Opal users can connect using Safari, making it even easier to operate for Apple users.

“Up until this point,” said Tom Hartnett, Comrex Technical Director, “we could support iPhone users with an app. But as simple as we made it, there was still a concern that even this step was too

much for some guests. Now users can connect in studio quality from their iPhone without installing anything at all.”

Opal is ideal for users who need to coordinate “studio quality” call-ins with non-technical remote guests – guests can simply click a link, and connect instantly. Opal establishes the link using the Opus encoder, for excellent fidelity and low delay.

Opal users can download firmware v.1.1 for free from the Comrex website. For more information about Opal, click here or contact















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