If you’re managing more than one codec, it can be complicated to juggle a bunch of individual control windows. Three years ago, we introduced Fleet Commander, an application that lets you see all of your codecs all in one place. Even if you’re dealing with different Comrex codecs at the same time – you can view them all simultaneously with Fleet Commander.

Say goodbye to tab overload

Fleet Commander allows you to control all of your codecs from one user interface. Once Fleet Commander is installed on your computer, you can log in and establish connections and monitor network conditions – put it on your laptop and you can manage your codecs on the go!

Easy to use interface with some extra features

Fleet Commander looks a lot like our standard web-based interface. But it also comes with a few extra features. With Fleet Commander, you can copy peers and profiles between codecs, and actively meter statistics on all of your codecs.

Works with any Comrex audio codec

Fleet Commander provides near-universal control of any Comrex BRIC-Link, BRIC-Link II, or ACCESS Rack codec (as well as our remote codecs like ACCESS 2USB and ACCESS NX) from a single control interface. See all of your different codecs at one time, in one window.

Fleet Commander is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.