Comrex Core Values

Comrex is a value-based company – everything we do is in support of our mission to build reliable, user-friendly tools that users can trust to work, even during complicated broadcasts. So what are our values, exactly?

Technical Innovation

Broadcasters prioritize reliability over everything – it’s important to be 100% certain that your broadcast will happen without a hitch. When given the choice between a familiar solution, and a brand new solution that could sound better but is unproven in the field, most broadcasters will choose the solution they know will work. As a result, it can take a long time for the field to adopt new technology. Sometimes, we wait until our favorite technology is on its deathbed til we start to look for something new.

At Comrex, our mission is to find the next new thing, years before anyone has even considered it. We understand the importance of reliability, and it’s our job to leverage the newest technology to support the goals of broadcasters. It’s our goal to pave the way for progress.

Customer Service

We value our customer interactions highly at Comrex, and offer support that goes beyond the industry standard. We don’t want our customers to have to spend any extra time off the air. Technical support is free, always – we don’t ever charge. We continue to offer support for products, even after we stop manufacturing them. We’ll keep answering questions and doing repairs until we run out of parts. And if your product needs a repair, we’ll provide you with a free loaner, which you can use until your equipment is fixed and safely in your hands again.

High-quality Products

During a live broadcast, there’s no room for error. That’s why, even under the most grueling circumstances, our equipment is designed to just work, plain and simple. We design our gear to last for years and years, instead of becoming obsolete. (Some of our 20+ year old products are still being used in the field by our customers, because they still work!)

Caring for Our Team

It’s not something we talk about often, but we provide out-of-this-world retirement and benefits packages for our employees. We’ve got a very low turnover rate – the average length of time that a Comrex employee has been with the company is over 10 years. We strive to hire veterans and people with non-traditional educational backgrounds – not just for jobs, but for careers.

Live & Local

We’re proud of the fact that our products help broadcasters tell stories. We believe in helping our customers reach their communities and deliver exciting programming that speaks to their listeners where they live.

American Manufacturing

All of our products are manufactured on site in Devens, Massachusetts, and we source as many of our parts as possible from the United States. This keeps resources in our community, and it also keeps our supply chain short (to pass savings on to our customers).