Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, churches have been unable to congregate in person to worship. It’s fallen to broadcasters to keep their audiences connected to their religious communities, and deliver coverage to provide comfort and opportunities to worship during a difficult time.

Some broadcasters have been using our equipment for this purpose, both during the pandemic and before. Here are some examples of how religious broadcasters have helped their audience worship by using Comrex gear.

Town Square Television Goes Live From St. Paul Cathedral with LiveShot

townsquare television live catholic mass for easter

Photo from Town Square Television

Town Square Television is a non-profit community cable television station serving the seven cities of North Dakota County in Minnesota. They have been using LiveShot for years to bring quality live community programming to their viewers.

Because of closures due to COVID-19, the Cathedral of Saint Paul (located in St. Paul, Minnesota) was unable to hold normal Holy Week services in church. So Town Square Television found a way to get services on the air for St. Paul Cathedral’s congregation.

“LiveShot puts St. Paul Cathedral on the air in minutes,” said Joe Conlon, engineering manager for Town Square Television. “We just connect to the internet, plug in some cables, and we’re ready to broadcast two live services per day.” They were able to broadcast two services per day for the entirety of Holy Week.

“Yes, services are live streamed, but many who want to attend aren’t tech savvy and don’t know how to access them on the computer,” said Conlon. “But they can work a TV remote, and so it’s important for us to have the services live on local cable.”

LiveShot is a video solution by Comrex that provides live two-way video and audio over IP networks with as little as 200 ms for delay.