ACCESS firmware v4.5p2 is available for ACCESS RackmountACCESS Portable 2USBACCESS NX Portable, BRIC-LinkBRIC-Link IIACCESS MultiRack and ACCESS NX Rack.

Seamless Integration

Firmware version 4.5p2 is being released in conjunction with ACCESS MultiRack, a new multi-instance codec from Comrex, to provide seamless integration of all functions with legacy single-instance ACCESS codecs. With this new firmware, users can take advantage of features like CrossLock when connecting new AES67 compatible Comrex codecs with previous IP audio codecs.

For more information about this new firmware version, you can find the release notes here



The HTML5 Web GUI is now the default User Interface for these units. The Adobe Flash interface is no longer your main choice! Instead of having to type /react to access the HTML5 user interface, it will now be the standard.

The Adobe Flash interface can still be accessed by typing <ip address>/flash to view the Flash web GUI.  (Please note that ACCESS Portable 2USB does not support the HTML5 Web GUI.)

Users can upgrade their Comrex IP audio codecs using the free Device Manager application which can be downloaded here.  If updating your device from FW version 2.7.1 or earlier, please contact Comrex Support for assistance.

ACCESS NX Rack and ACCESS MultiRack are now shipping!