October 25th 2013 – Quincy, Illinois, USA – Commotion, the leading customized, local radio app and platform for streaming ad revenue and listener engagement growth, announced today a milestone for their 2nd generation mobile platform. Since 2012, 10 million unique users have downloaded radio station apps powered by Commotion with over 45 million ad views and nearly 700 million messages exchanged in the month of October alone.

“This is great news for our radio station customers of the Commotion product as it confirms that listeners are excited about interacting directly on a platform the radio station both owns and controls. Commotion is all about creating a customized app for every local station that provides a platform to grow revenue up to 1,500% above Commotion’s cost and generate detailed reports about listener tastes, demographics and listening habits,” stated Joseph W.Roark, CEO and President.

“There is no reason for stations to turnover their brand and potential digital revenue to 3rd party app providers who do not have the best interest of an individual station at heart,”commented Ryan Burgoyne, VP Sales. “In fact, we’ve been consistently told by our customers that Commotion is the best digital revenue and listening reporting tool they’ve ever used.”

In addition to the user milestone, Commotion just released the latest version of their mobile app individually branded for radio stations. New features include subscription based push notifications that allow broadcasters to send messages to listeners without the need for costly SMS services, the ability for stations to modify their app in real-time without the need to republish to app stores and more detailed analytics that show user interactions and ad effectiveness.

Commotion is a cloud-based platform that fuels social engagement and turns listeners into advocates and attention into revenue. It provides an end-to-end solution with tools to monitor, manage, and monetize social interactions.

Bottom line, Commotion keeps bringing listeners back with up to 700% more time spent engaging with the station than terrestrial broadcasts alone!


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Commotion, a Broadcast Electronics company established in 2011, provides social and mobile tools for broadcasters.

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