CME deployed Actus Digital for centralized broadcast monitoring of all its channels in Europe

April 5, 2016], Brussels, Belgium – Actus Digital announced today that Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. (“CME”) has deployed the Actus Digital media monitoring platform as a centralized system from which CME can monitor all the TV channels from its broadcasters in the six countries where it operates.

CME is the owner of 36 TV channels in different countries in Europe. Actus system was already deployed as a broadcast monitoring system in each of these countries. CME’s requirement was to be able to monitor all the channels from each country.

“The Actus TV monitoring platform was installed in all of our television businesses in Central and Eastern Europe to comply with regulations and to provide tools to support the marketing and research, quality assurance, and content re-purposing”,

said Paul Rogers, Head of Corporate Information Systems and IT, at CME.

“As the company that owns these broadcast operations, we wanted to have a centralized system, which allows us to monitor all the TV channels in all countries from one common user interface. Actus has implemented a specific configuration that allows us to do this. Now, CME and its management team can monitor all of our TV channels from all countries for our internal requirements, analysis and planning purposes.”

“After working with CME broadcasters for many years, and providing to each one our broadcast monitoring system for recording, clips creation and rating analysis purposes, we were very happy to provide CME a centralized system that allows them to monitor and analyze all their channels from the company’s headquarters”,

said Raphael Renous, Actus Digital CTO.

“We have used the fact that our system was already installed in all six locations, and have built a special configuration that allows CME to have one common interface for all six systems.”