OTTAWA, Canada, July 26, 2016 – C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. (TSXV: CMI), a leading global provider of mobile auto-deploying satellite antenna systems, announced today that it has successfully completed the integration of Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c VSATs with C-COM’s iNetVu® antenna 7710 controller.

The iNetVu® 7710 Controller is now fully compatible with the Gilat SkyEdge II-c Capricorn series of VSATs using the latest mobility interface which is based on the widely accepted OpenAMIP protocol. Integration tests over satellite were completed using Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c hub operating in Europe. SkyEdge II-c Capricorn high-performance VSATs are part of the one-platform/multiple-application X-Architecture VSAT platform capable of supporting unprecedented speeds per site of 200 Mbps for mobility, high-end enterprise and for true LTE/4G backhauling via satellite.

“We are pleased to have collaborated with Gilat on this VSAT modem integration, which will benefit our mutual worldwide customer base” said Bilal Awada, CTO of C-COM Satellite Systems, Inc.

“C-COM is excited to add another Gilat VSAT family to our list of approved and integrated hardware,” said Drew Klein, Director of International Business Development for C-COM Satellite Systems, Inc. “We expect significant demand for this unique and advanced VSAT as the availability of HTS Ka-band and Ku-band satellite capacity continues to expand and flourish around the globe,” Klein continued.

“We designed our Capricorn VSATs to be interoperable with on-the-pause/on-the-move antenna systems enabling our customers to utilize SkyEdge II-c VSAT platform for emergency response, public safety, disaster recovery, and any other implementation requiring quick deploy operations” added Amir Yafe, Director of Product Management at Gilat. “Capricorn VSATs and C-COM antenna systems will be deployed initially by several mobile network operators for a large LTE networks in Europe and Asia.”

The C-COM antenna controller unit with upgraded software compatible with the Gilat Capricorn modems is available immediately.

About C-COM Satellite Systems Inc.

C-COM_logo_Colour-01C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. is a leader in the development, manufacture and deployment of commercial grade mobile satellite-based technology for the delivery of two-way high-speed Internet, VoIP and Video services into vehicles. C-COM has developed a number of proprietary Mobile auto-deploying (iNetVu®) antennas that deliver broadband over satellite into vehicles while stationary virtually anywhere where one can drive. The iNetVu® Mobile antennas have also been adapted to be airline checkable and easily transportable. More than 7000 C-COM antennas have been deployed in 103 countries around the world in vertical markets such as Oil & Gas Exploration, Military Communications, Disaster Management, SNG, Emergency Communications, Cellular Backhaul, Telemedicine, Mobile Banking, and others. The Company’s satellite-based products are known worldwide for their high quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

C-COM is also involved in the design and development of a new generation of Ka-band (communications on the move) antennas, which will deliver satellite broadband solutions into vehicles while in motion. More information is available at: www.c-comsat.com

iNetVu® is a registered trademark of C-COM Satellite Systems Inc.