OTTAWA, June 10, 2020 – C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. (TSXV: CMI), the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of commercial grade, auto-acquire mobile satellite antenna systems, announced today that it has successfully completed the integration of the UHP-200 modem with its iNetVu® 8000 series antenna controllers. The new modem is now fully compatible with all C-COM antenna systems using OpenAMIP interface.

Working closely with its long time Canadian reseller partner, Edmonton and Mississauga based Galaxy Broadband Communications, a leader in providing enterprise grade VSAT services to remote areas across Canada and the United States, C-COM’s Manpack antenna systems (iNetVu® MP-80 & MP-100) were tested by Galaxy over their new e115 Ku Beam, which provides powerful coverage over northern North America and all three oceans.

The C-COM Manpacks auto-acquired the satellite in under 60 seconds and delivered speeds equal to a fixed 1.2M system. Galaxy Broadband also noted that only a 1dB drop off was seen when using a smaller 80cm dish, which is an impressive feature for those looking at efficiency gain.


The compatibility of the iNetVu® Controllers with the UHP-200 router provides an advantage to C-COM partners who are currently using, or considering, the newest UHP modem. The UHP-200 has a compact size, consumes only 9W of power, can process 190,000 IP packets per second and deliver data transmission rates of up to 220 Mbps in each direction with DVBS2X or TDMA waveform.


C-COM’s ‘Best in Class’ antenna controllers now offer interoperability with 14 different modem manufacturers and with more than 35 different models.

“The combination of high-quality service and support from Galaxy, and integrated hardware from C-COM and UHP, provides the end customer with the highest quality solutions,” said Leslie Klein, President & CEO of C-COM Satellite Systems, Inc.

“Our partnership with C-COM and Galaxy Broadband has a long history of innovation,” said Vagan Shakhgildian, CEO of UHP. “Once again our companies were able to come up with an industry-leading product and service, which will deliver flexible and portable connectivity solutions to customers across North America,” Shakhgildian added.

“This continued partnership with C-COM continues to benefit various industries across North America to deliver portable and mobile communication solutions,” states Rick Hodgkinson, CEO and President of Galaxy Broadband Communications. “Our combined products and services enable business owners, employees, academia and Government agencies to access regions and projects with communication to assist in development, morale and safety,” commented Hodgkinson.

C-COM mobile antennas with iNetVu® controllers, compatible with the UHP-200 modems utilizing Galaxy Broadband service, are available for immediate delivery.