High-performance modem will offer increased flexibility and interoperability to C-COM customers, as well as access to new markets

OTTAWA and WISCONSIN, January 29, 2020 – C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. (TSXV: CMI), the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of commercial grade, auto-acquire mobile satellite antenna systems, and reseller partner, Isotropic, the trusted provider of global Internet services offering unrivalled certainty, have collaborated on the integration of the iDirect iQ 200 modem with C-COM’s iNetVu® antenna controllers. The new modem is now fully compatible on all C-COM antenna systems using OpenAMIP interface.

C-COM utilized Isotropic’s extensive teleport facilities on Lake Geneva to test auto-pointing satellite acquisitions and data transfers.

The compatibility of the iNetVu® Controllers with the iQ 200 satellite router provides an advantage to C-COM partners who are currently using, or considering using the latest iDirect modem. C-COM’s ‘Best-in-Class’ antenna controllers now offer interoperability with 14 different modem manufacturers and over 35 different modems.

“Combining good quality hardware products, especially high-performance products like the iQ series, with the robust services offered by Isotropic, should create new markets for C-COM Driveaway, Flyaway and Manpack antenna products in many different verticals,” said Drew Klein, Vice President for C-COM Satellite Systems, Inc..

C-COM is also developing a Comms-on-the-Move, electronically steered Ka-band phased array antenna in conjunction with the University of Waterloo. “Once this flat panel technology has been commercialized, we hope to test it with Isotropic Networks,” Klein continued.

The iDirect iQ 200 modem can deliver aggregate data transmission rates over 200Mbps with network configurations based on DVB-S2/S2X/ACM.

“We are delighted to reinforce our longstanding partnership with C-COM,” said Hank Zbierski, CEO, Isotropic. “As a premier iDirect Host Network Operator, it is great to see the combination of such innovative technology that will enable customers to go further and to do more than ever before. Isotropic is proud to enable these advancements with the highly reliable service that we deliver through our network.” Zbierski added.

“Our iQ 200 modem is ideally suited to the mobility requirements of C-COM’s antenna series and we are pleased to offer our technologies that will help to enhance flexibility and performance, and enable C-COM’s customers to make headway in new markets and applications,” said Toni Kousiafes, Vice President, Product Management, ST Engineering iDirect. “We also look forward to building further on our strong partnership with Isotropic Networks, which has been our valued partner for many years.”

C-COM mobile antennas with iNetVu® controllers, compatible with the iDirect iQ 200 modems, are available for immediate delivery.