BWS Sapphire Premiers at ATP Tennis Finals

Ultra-Low Delay 4K Encoder System Debuts at ATP Finals

Gearhouse Broadcast teamed up with manufacturer Broadcast Wireless Systems (BWS) to show the first ever production-quality 4K wireless camera system as part of their 4K production at the ATP Finals in London this weekend. Boasting an un-matched 70ms end-to-end delay, the system enables true 4K wireless cameras to be inter-cut with cabled cameras for the first time. The Sapphire Codec system from BWS was used to upgrade an existing wireless camera system to 4K capability.  Several of Gearhouse Broadcasts key customers were at the event to witness the demonstration first hand and observed the system provide flawless coverage of the of the arena floor, matching the performance of the ‘conventional’ wireless camera system also being used.

Gearhouse Actis Managing Director Matt Rocton commented: “this is a real game-changer for us as we are now able to offer our clients true 4K end-to-end production facilities without the need to up-convert signals from 1080p. We look forward to working closely with BWS in the future in order to roll-out this new technology into many of next year’s productions.”

BWS Director Stuart Brown added: “we are very grateful to Gearhouse for the opportunity to give our Sapphire HEVC system its first outing in a production environment. We tested the system at different bit-rate settings and everyone seemed very impressed with the picture quality, even at bit-rates as low as 15Mbps”.