Broadcast Wireless Systems – Solocam TX

Solocam TX

 IP technology has opened the door to several new contribution platforms, such as 3G/4G bonding systems and KA satellite, which are easy to set-up and use by nontechnical personnel. However, in most cases it is still necessary to have a camera crew on location if any live contributions are required.

As most contributions are simple ‘down the line’ interviews with the studio, all that is required is for the shot to be correctly framed and in focus.

The Solocam from Broadcast Wireless Systems enables the contributor to set up the shot, adjust microphone levels and manage IFB themselves, freeing up the camera crew to gather material or deploy to other assignments.

Cabling is kept to a minimum – the internal audio embedder means a single video cable is used to connect to the outgoing path.

There is a wired connection for a microphone. Camera control and microphone levels can be set up by the contributor.

The contributor can control shot-set up via hand held Infra-Red remote control, offering control over pan/tilt/zoom and mic levels. The SOLOCAM-plus unit offers studio control via GPRS signals.