Broadcast Electronics says that its STXe 500, to be featured at the NAB Show, is an analog FM, FM+HD and HD-only digital exciter and low-power transmitter. This exciter/transmitter features IP connectivity, fully-rated output into 1.5:1 VSWR, an extensive remote GUI interface and compatibility with single-frequency networks, including external 10 MHz and 1 PPS inputs.

In addition, the STXe500 is compatible with Broadcast Electronics’ adaptive pre-correction and crest factor reduction technology, VPe. It is compatible with the new 192 kHz digital composite input. The remote control interface is SNMP II-compatible for maximum interface flexibility and security. Internal control communications is done using CAN bus technology, providing maximum resistance to interference, especially in high-RF environments like crowded transmitter sites. CAN bus is the standard for automotive control interfaces.

BE also has an update for the AudioVault FleX automation system. Users can now interact with their automation system remotely and in real time from their mobile device. The new AudioVault FleX application allows users to control their live broadcast by starting and stopping events, firing quick starts, and manipulate their schedule in real time, while at a remote or anywhere else. In addition the AudioVault FleX app also allows recording and content upload. It has a suite of engineer’s tools for monitoring system operations.

 Peter Warren, Director of Lumina Broadcast Systems, invites Australian attendees to meet and discuss the STXe500 at NAB 2014.

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