Broadcast Electronics New Range of FM Audio Processors – D-PRO-6FM

D-PRO-6FM 6 Band Digital FM Audio Processor

Great programming deserves great audio processing that makes your station stand out from the dial, with clean, consistent, and commanding audio.

The D-Pro-6FM is the new flagship audio processor from BE, with a fully digital 6 band signal path and built-in dynamic RDS encoding. It will accept L&R balanced analog, AES/EBU, and even optionally MP3 / AAC+ streams and automatically switches in case of STL failure to keep you on the air.

The D-Pro-6FM outputs both MPX and balanced L&R, and includes software for configuring Radiotext+, CT and dynamic PS.​​

Best of all, the BE D-Pro-6FM is surprisingly affordable, so you can upgrade your sound and competitiveness, without breaking the bank.

D-Pro-6FM Standard Features
The fully digital processing chain includes a two band AGC circuit which feeds the 6-band audio processor.

Inputs include L&R analog, AES/EBU and optional MP3 / AAC+ streams over IP.

Outputs include analog MPX and balanced L&R.

The fully digital audio processing and RDS/MPX encoding ensures long term stability and allows easy remote software updates to implement new functions.

The included software allows quick local or remote management of all the operational parameters, and backup and restoring to disk.