Benefits of ETL’s Hawk RF Matrix Range

ETL’s Hawk Mini RF Matrix range has been designed for small satellite gateways for LEO, MEO and VSAT applications.

The compact range offers Dual 8×8 inputs (HWK-10 & HWK-11) and outputs or Quad 4×4 inputs and outputs (HWK-15).

Depending on the chassis selected, the space saving 1U unit can offer features including variable gain control, configurable uplink and downlink matrix modules and hot-swap and field replaceable active components.

Browse the range of HWK10HWK11 or HWK 15 RF Matrices.




– HWK-10 is a dual 8×8 extended L-band (500-2450 MHz) RF Matrix

– Capacity for distributive and combining matrix modules in a compact 1U chassis.

– Single 8×16 & 16×8 configurations are also available—please enquire.



– The Hawk 11 offers the same functionality as the Hawk 10

– But also benefits from variable gain control.

– Single 8×16 & 16×8 configurations are also available—please enquire.



– The Hawk 15 extended L-band (500-3150 MHz) Matrix is engineered specifically with LEO gateways in mind.

– The lower cost, high performance Matrix can house up to 4 of 4×4 matrix modules, each operating independently of each other in the same 1U chassis.