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ETL’s Hawk Mini RF Matrix range has been designed for small satellite gateways for LEO, MEO and VSAT applications.

The compact range offers Dual 8×8 inputs (HWK-10 & HWK-11) and outputs or Quad 4×4 inputs and outputs (HWK-15).

Depending on the chassis selected, the space saving 1U unit can offer features including variable gain control, configurable uplink and downlink matrix modules and hot-swap and field replaceable active components.

Browse the range of HWK10HWK11 or HWK 15 RF Matrices.




– HWK-10 is a dual 8×8 extended L-band (500-2450 MHz) RF Matrix

– Capacity for distributive and combining matrix modules in a compact 1U chassis.

– Single 8×16 & 16×8 configurations are also available—please enquire.



– The Hawk 11 offers the same functionality as the Hawk 10

– But also benefits from variable gain control.

– Single 8×16 & 16×8 configurations are also available—please enquire.



– The Hawk 15 extended L-band (500-3150 MHz) Matrix is engineered specifically with LEO gateways in mind.

– The lower cost, high performance Matrix can house up to 4 of 4×4 matrix modules, each operating independently of each other in the same 1U chassis.