Aveco Installs ASTRA Automation at Telekom Serbia

Industry-standard technology installed alongside well-known open sourced-based CasparCG media platform.

Prague, Czech Republic, July 13, 2017 — Aveco®, the worldwide broadcast automation specialist, today announced that it has installed its ASTRA Automation system for Telekom Serbia’s four TV channels — mtsTV promo, mts info, Antena PLUS info, and ETV info. The system includes a centralized ASTRA MAM for rich media management, running on extremely robust and redundant ASTRA automation servers. The entire solution is unique as it is fully integrated with a cost-effective CasparCG playout platform.


“Having an Aveco ASTRA non-proprietary automation system means that we can combine it with the best third-party solutions available, including flexible software platforms for playout and graphics,” said Dragan Vuletić, CEO of system integrator AMISYS. “By combining an ASTRA mirrored automation system with flexible software platforms, we are able to stretch our resources further than with any other system. This opens up the possibility of using such a system in much more complex playout workflows with greater demands on the number of channels and for channel branding. Flexibility in selecting system components, using a flexible software platform, with all being automated by Aveco ASTRA, provides a great opportunity for cost-effective and reliable playout applications.”

Telecom Serbia’s new automation system went on-air in June 2017 with the professional contribution of local integrator AMISYS. The channels serve audiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, FYR of Macedonia, and Serbia.

“Once again, Aveco has confirmed the value of a robust, industry-standard automation system combined with a flexible software platform,” said Pavel Potuzak, Managing Director for Aveco. “This type of combination can be very interesting and financially valuable for broadcasters and media organizations that are looking to get the best value with limited resources.”