Avcom Satellite Beacon Receiver

L-Band Satellite Beacon Receiver AND Spectrum Analyzer

UNIQUE because it includes a Spectrum Analyzer 

L-band – 950-2150 MHz 

    • Locks on CW and Modulated Beacon Types in < 2 secs
    • Quickly Switch Between Modes; Receiver, and Analyzer
    • Extended Temperature Range; -20 to +60 C
    • High Performance, Reliability and Competitively Priced

2-Year Warranty

If you are looking for a new beacon receiver or a replacement similar to the Narda/MITEQ Model BR-L (Spec: D-266), then the RBR-2150A might be just right for your application.

The RBR-2150A is based on a rugged swept-tuned crystal oscillator module that is ALWAYS “ON”. Excellent for use in applications that require remote operations.

Connect via ethernet using Avcom’s unique open-source software based on National Instrument’s LabView. Monitor and control your system remotely and securely. Does not require software license nor keys