Atlantic Microwave launches new Quad band Satellite Simulator for RF Satcom Testing

Quadband Satsim

Manufacturers and distributors of Microwave and RF components and Satcom RF testing equipment, Atlantic Microwave Limited, has launched a new Quad band Satellite Simulator designed to meet the rising demand for multiple RF frequency satcom testing at satellite earth stations.

Atlantic Microwave, which is based in the UK and is part of ETL Systems, has launched the Quad band Satellite Simulator to provide loop-back testing for frequency bands C, X, Ku & Ka simultaneously, permitting earth station set-up without the need for connectivity to a satellite.

Taylor Pritchett, Sales Manager, Atlantic Microwave
Taylor Pritchett, Sales Manager – North America

Taylor Pritchett, at Atlantic Microwave, believes the bespoke design capability and multiple frequency bands of this Satellite Simulator makes it an ideal solution for testing multiple bands and ground stations.

He said: “With the ever-growing demand for multiple connectivity on land, in the sky and at sea, customers require the loop-back test signals to be both strong and consistent. This has in turn driven the importance and need for accurate and reliable testing of RF signals.

“The Quadband Satellite Simulator makes testing multiple frequencies easier and provides time savings as up to four ground terminals can be tested at the same time, rather than having to set-up individual systems for each one. Housed in a weatherproof IP65 rated enclosure – the Quad band Satellite Simulator can be used for several applications and markets including ground terminals, VSAT Testing, Bent-Pipe testing Mobile Ground Terminals, integration, EMI testing, telemetry and airborne monitoring receiving systems.

Multi channel

“This product can be customizable with different frequency bands, output levels and polarizations to meet customers exact requirements and is an exciting addition to our portfolio of test and measurement satcom equipment; allowing us to provide parts to a system or a total solution.”


Quadband Satsim
Quad band Satellite Simulator System

Housed in a weatherproof IP65 rated enclosure – the Quad band Satellite Simulator can be used for several applications and markets including;

Ground Terminals

VSAT Testing

Bent-Pipe testing Mobile Ground Terminals


EMI testing


Airborne monitoring receiving systems

  • RF Input Frequency:                                                                         RF Output Frequency:

C Band: 5.850 to 6.425 GHz                                                             C Band: 3.625 to 4.200 GHz
X Band: 7.90 to 8.40 GHz                                                                  X Band: 7.250 to 7.750 GHz
Ku Band: 14.00 to 14.50 GHz                                                           Ku Band: 10.950 to 12.750 GHz
Ka Band: 30.00 to 31.00 GHz                                                           Ka Band: 20.200 to 21.200 GHz