Atlantic Microwave Launches New Benchtop Instrumentation Chassis

Atlantic Microwave, leaders in Satcom RF testing equipment, have launched a brand new modular benchtop instrumentation chassis.

The new benchtop instrumentation chassis has a modular design which can house any combination of compatible modules within the unit, providing users with a flexible and scalable solution for bench top testing applications. The chassis accommodates a range of compatible modules, with 10 module slots available in total, and is AC powered.

Modules include:Genus Benchtop Chassis

  • – Signal generators up to 52GHz
  • – Noise generators up to 2,500MHz
  • – SPDT/SP4T/SP6T switches up to 40 GHz
  • – Amplifiers
  • – Test loop translators covering C, L, Ku and Ka-bands

The RF modules are hot-swap and can be inserted whilst the chassis is in service, giving excellent levels of flexibility and resilience. The chassis comes fitted with a user replaceable HMI (optional) & CPU, with the option of user replaceable internal/external 10MHz reference source also available.

Suitable for applications including:

  • – Satellite communications bench test applications
  • – Scientific research
  • – Test & measurement
  • – Signal path testing
  • – Modular testing requirements