ARQIVA chooses MIER to deploy its Digital Radio Network in UK

ARQIVA, main broadcasting operator in United Kingdom, which amongst others owns and operates transmission networks on behalf of the BBC, has awarded MIER COMUNICACIONES with a Contract for the supply of Digital Radio transmitters being deployed as a national rollout throughout the UK.

 The scope of supply includes transmitter systems with output power levels from 50Wrms to 2.400Wrms, including several redundancy levels.

 MIER COMUNICACIONES has been selected by offering the best solution in terms of Total Cost of Operation. The contracthasbeen possiblethanks to advancedtechnical solutionsof new MIER transmitters, which stand out for its high efficiency, reduced power consumptionand easy operationand maintenance.

 With this new award, MIER COMUNICACIONES consolidates its position as a reference supplier of Digital broadcast solutions in Northern Europe, having signed contracts in recent years for the supply of Digital TV and digital Radio equipment, in countries such as United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Norway…