After 60 years, Broadcast Electronics announces a new BEginning

National Association of Broadcasters Show, Las Vegas – There is a lot to see at the BE booth at NAB (N6406) this year. The decision by Elenos Group to acquire BE as the face of the Group in the Americas is beginning to blossom. Come see us and join in the celebrations!

First, it is time to celebrate BE’s 60th anniversary. Companies come and go but BE has demonstrated the dedication, reliability and creativity to stay at the forefront of the industry for all those years. Truly something to celebrate.

You will see several industry veterans in the booth. Peter Conlon, previously President and CEO of Nautel Limited has taken on a role of Advisor to Leonardo Busi, CEO of the Elenos Group. Joining Peter will be Chuck Kelly, Vice President of the Elenos Group Television Division, who will lead BE’s entry into the global television market, with a focus on the Americas. Also joining the team in another seasoned veteran, Ricardo Jimenez, who joins us as Vice President of Sales, Latin America.

“This is an exciting time for our group of companies”, said Leonardo Busi, CEO of the Elenos Group. “Our recent developments in our Itelco line of TV transmitters is now industry leading and we continue to work on the next generation of both our BE and Elenos lines of FM and AM transmitters.”

“I always heard the lightning never strikes twice”, said Peter Conlon. “Yet, here I am again, given the opportunity to work with another iconic broadcast brand and to take it to another level.”

“This is an exciting time for television. The opportunities around the world are staggering and I couldn’t pass up the chance to lead the efforts of an incredible Group in an exciting market.”, said Chuck Kelly.

“I am very excited to be part of the Elenos Group.” said Ricardo Jimenez. “The Elenos Group of companies is making investments now and is forward thinking for the future of TV and Radio Broadcast. I am honored to have this opportunity to lead the charge for all of our group products in Latin America.”

Expect to see other respected team members at the booth. Things are happening so quickly, we can’t even list all the changes in time to publish this Release. Please come on by and find out for yourself why we see this as our new beginning!

Established in 1959, BE is the world’s leading radio-only equipment manufacturer and currently provides award winning FM and AM transmitters, AudioVAULT studio automation, and Marti Electronics STL and RPU solutions.


Established in 1977, Elenos is a world-leader in the design of FM transmitters with a focus on compact design, reliability, and quality. Elenos Group transmitters provide best of class energy efficiency with more than 60,000 transmitters installed in over 100 countries.