Advantech Wireless wins key SATCOM Infrastructure Award to Construct Brazil’s Broadband Access Initiative

Montreal, CANADA – January 18, 2016 – Advantech Wireless, a global leader for High Throughput Satellite (HTS) broadband communications solutions, has received an order for Ka-Band hub facilities from Telebras, the Brazil telecommunications infrastructure company, in support of the Programa Nacional de Banda Larga (PNBL), Brazil’s national broadband access initiative.

“Brazil, as one of the largest economies in the world, has recognized the need for universal broadband access to continue effective growth for business, consumers, and currently underserved populations,” Steve Richeson, Senior VP of Global Sales at Advantech Wireless, said. “We will be supporting new and faster broadband access to many households, businesses, broadcasters and industries, ramping up the nation’s economy.”

Advantech Wireless, under the contract, will provide the hardware to build Ka-Band satellite network hub facilities at five sites in Brazil; the hub stations will work on Brazil’s strategic communications geostationary satellite (SGDC) system. This state-of-the-art infrastructure is designed to support Advantech Wireless’ award-winning ASAT-IITM HTS Satellite Networking equipment as well as legacy VSAT equipment provided by other vendors. Under the contract, Advantech Wireless will install, integrate and supervise initial operation of the provided systems.

The PNBL initiative will increase access to broadband in Brazil, aiming to cover 40 million households, about 70% of the population. The state communications company, Telebras, will act as a wholesale operator, providing infrastructure and network capacity for Brazil’s broadband providers, for the federal government, states and Federal district, municipalities and nonprofit organizations including schools, hospitals, community telecenters and other points of public interest.

This expands Advantech Wireless’ already significant support of Brazil’s wireless broadband infrastructure. Advantech Wireless already provides satellite communications systems to all of the nation’s mobile telephone providers, to most television broadcasters, as well as to a direct-to-home television delivery system with more than one million subscribers. In addition, Advantech Wireless equipment supports border security operations for both the Brazil Ministry of Defense and Army.

“Advantech Wireless was recognized as VSAT Manufacturer of the Year during the VSAT Global Conference 2015 in London for the ASAT-II Technology developed for the emerging HTS market,” Richeson said. “Telebras’ selection of our Ka-Band system confirms our position as a leader in HTS Broadband Satellite Networking deployments. We’re committed to expanding our footprint in this high potential market.”

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