Advantech Wireless Technologies Provides Solution for Satcom Operators Migrating from Low C-Band due to Roll Out of 5G

Advantech Wireless Technologies Inc. (Advantech) is supplying its Insat C-band 1000W Redundant, GaN-based Solid State System (SSPB) Solution to a Major Network provider in LATAM. The System includes an on-line Taurus SSPA with a dedicated backup amplifier to ensure maximum availability.  Packaged for outdoor applications, Taurus optimizes useable output power by eliminating IFL insertion loss, making it the ideal solution for both mobile and fixed Communication terminals.

Specifically designed for high power and high linearity in 6.725-7.025 GHz, these 1,000W units are perfect for migrating to the upper end of the C-band spectrum for better separation from interfering 5G traffic. The units are designed to support higher modulation and error correcting codes, which will allow more users in less spectrum.  That in exchange will generate increased revenue for satellite operators, in parallel with OPEX reduction for users. The tremendous backhaul capacity that 5G will require, will need as high  as possible power and linearity, and that is what these units provide.

In today’s world, it is crucial to be permanently connected and able to communicate via voice and data on every device. Providing such network coverage in areas where usage can be unpredictable and irregular is an expensive challenge for network operators.

“As an expert in satellite backhaul solutions, at Advantech we are constantly aware of the challenges network operators face and know how critical it is to connect remote communities,” said Cristi Damian, VP Business Development. “In remote areas where traditional terrestrial backhaul networks can be cost-prohibitive, satellite backhaul is the best option. Our high power solid state power amplifier solutions help network operators achieve their reach by directing resources using cellular backhaul over satellites.”