Advantech Wireless Technologies Announces the Release of its New Taurus-X GaN based SSPA/BUC for Military Applications

The new Taurus-X 1000W X-Band GaN based SSPA is perfectly suited for harsh environments and is both designed and manufactured by Advantech to meet stringent military requirements.

Taurus-X is available in both the X-band Troposcatter (7.1-7.9 GHz) and Satellite band (7.9-8.4 GHz) and can be configured with or without an integrated L-band Block Up-converter (BUC).

Available in a variety of redundancy and phase combined system architectures, Taurus-X can be produced in both outdoor and rack-mount enclosures.

The Taurus line of SSPAs and SSPBs includes GaAs and GaN models and is also available in C-Band and Ku-Band frequencies.

This SSPA provides high performance and reliability in a compact form factor and weighs less than 95lbs.

Advantech Wireless Technologies has over 25 years’ experience enabling military forces and government agencies by delivering cutting-edge communications innovations that solve mission critical communications challenges.