Advantech Wireless Technologies Announces the Release of its New Taurus X-Band Solid State Power Amplifiers and BUCs for Military Applications

Advantech Wireless Technologies announced today the release of its new 800W and 1000W X-band Solid State Power Amplifiers and Block-Up Converters (SSPAs/BUCs) packaged in its compact Taurus outdoor enclosure. Taurus-X is the perfect solution for MODs engaged in both new terminal deployments and programs to modernize existing military satcom terminals.

Advantech has successfully achieved a 65% reduction in weight and 50% reduction in size as compared to earlier models, making Taurus-X the perfect choice for mobile terminals that must be efficient, compact in size and that must exhibit high resilience to shock and vibration.

Designed around Advantech’s high-power RF modules and high-efficiency passive combining structures, these units can replace aging 400W TWTs, while allowing 2-3 times higher traffic data rates without additional changes to the overall terminal design. With MTBF ratings that are multiples of those of TWTAs, Taurus-X offers a considerably lower cost of ownership over years of operation.

Taurus X-Band SSPAs/BUCs meet stringent Mil 461G and Mil 810G standards for increased EMI/EMC performance and reliability in challenging environments.