Advantech Wireless Technologies Announces Release of ‘Olympus’ Line of High Power Solid State Power Amplifier Systems

The Olympus Terminals, the latest innovation from Advantech Wireless Technologies (“Advantech”), are high power Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) systems that are installation-ready, tested and shipped on a one-piece, welded mounting-frame.

Delivered as factory-integrated systems up to 1.8kW in C, X or Ku-Band, the Olympus systems are based on Advantech SapphireBlu Series high-power SSPAs and are designed for high-modulation, single and multi-carrier uplink applications.

The four terminal types include redundant and phase-combined-redundant system configurations, designed to deliver the highest level of RF output-power in a neatly packaged assembly.

Type-1: One on-line Amplifier with dedicated back-up (Single Pol)
Type-2: Two on-line amplifiers phase-combined (Single-Pol)
Type-3: Two on-line amplifiers with dedicated back-up (Dual-Pol)
Type-4: Two on-line amplifiers phase-combined with dedicated back-up (Single Pol)

Tony Radford, VP Global Sales at Advantech Wireless Technologies explains:   “Advantech has a legacy of producing the highest power satcom SSPAs in the industry. In order to facilitate the increasing demand for high-power, we have created a number of factory-integrated ‘packages’ to help expedite both the sales and production processes”.