Advantech Wireless Showcases Versatility of the U7400 VSAT Router at the NAB Show 2017

Montreal, CANADA – April 24, 2017 – Advantech Wireless is showcasing its U7400 VSAT Router at the NAB 2017 Exhibition that takes place this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The U7400 from Advantech Wireless is a high-speed SCPC modem supporting over 100Mbps bidirectional data rates, capable of working point to point or as part of a star based bandwidth on demand VSAT network.

“The deployment versatility of the U7400 VSAT router, allows point-to-point deployments where only a few links are required, and the opportunity to scale up to a larger service operation by installing  one of the various ASAT II VSAT hubs,”   said Oscar Glottmann, CMO Satellite Networks Business Unit at Advantech Wireless. “Our customers are able to utilize all purchased equipment by simply migrating all U7400s used at the earth station in the point-to-point links, to become active VSAT routers supporting WaveSwitch™ and 3D-BoD™ with all waveforms, MF-TDMA, ASCPC, and real SCPC.”

The U7400 supports Advantech Wireless’ WaveSwitchTM technology in order to switch waveforms between MF-TDMA (DVB-RCS/RCS2), ASCPCTM adaptive SCPC and managed DAMA variable rate Single channel per carrier – SCPC (DVB-S2/S2X). It can be used in an Advantech Wireless 3D BoD™ enabled network as a part of the ASAT II™ platform.

In an ASAT II™ network all the U7400 supported WaveSwitchTM waveforms share a common bandwidth pool with all the VSATs in the network,  supporting multi-service applications ranging from cellular site aggregation to UHD video contribution and distribution links using any combination of the complete range of Advantech Wireless satellite routers.

Visit Advantech Wireless at NAB 2017. Booth SU3821. Las Vegas Convention Center. Schedule a meeting with our executives.