Advantech Wireless Releases Second Generation Advanced GaN Technology 100W to 125W Ka-Band BUC

Montreal, CANADA – May 24, 2017 – Advantech Wireless, a global leader in satellite broadband communications solutions announced today the release of the Second Generation Advanced Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology based 100W to 125W Ka-Band Block Upconverter (BUC).

The new advanced GaN based BUCs from Advantech Wireless are designed for Ka-Band LEO and GEO satellite up-link applications. The GaN-based SSPB-3010KaTM series are integrated units, complete with power supply, phase-locked oscillator, mixer, filter and proprietary cooling mechanism.  Intended for outdoor operation, the Second Generation GaN-based systems are the most advanced GaN based Ka-Band units in the market providing higher power and linearity, higher reliability and very low spectrum regrowth.

“GaN technology allows us to reach power levels that were not possible before, and to serve customers that are looking for solutions in fast growing market segments,” said Cristi Damian, VP Business Development at Advantech Wireless. “Advantech Wireless is a pioneer in Ka-Band solid state technology, with products in the field since 2005. The new 100/125W Ka-band SSPAs take advantage of advanced GaN technology to deliver unmatched performance and reliability.”